Loose Parts Play Pack consists of Planks, Logs, chalkboards, chalks, rops and blocks

Loose Parts Pack

The highest play value return on investment in a playground is always natural loose parts. They provide children with material that can be moved and incorporated into their play. Open ended in their potential use and function, they allow children’s imaginations to lead the play.

For just £188.00 + vat & delivery we will send you…

  • Hessian bag of 50 timber blocks
  • Hessian bag of assorted lengths of rope
  • 5 rectangular chalkboards
  • 5 chalkboard slices
  • 10 short planks
  • 5 long planks
  • Bucket of chalk rocks
  • 15 various logs

All the timber is sanded smooth to prevent splinters. We can make up a smaller version if this is too much for your space.