Raised playground planter for flowers, herbs and vegetables

Raised playground planter

The Raised playground planter is a free standing timber planter with a liner ready to add top soil and plants. It can be placed on any level surface and acts as a good space divider.

We believe that planting and habitats in playgrounds are beneficial as they create a greener and more attractive space, and also adds to the biodiversity and positive environmental impact. It creates a wild environment for children to play, and an unstructured natural space that lends its self to all sorts of positive interactions. Through Biophilic design, a sustainable design strategy that connects people with the natural environment, we hope to positively support not only the physical but also the mental health of the people using our spaces.

Suggested plants for this playground planter; mint, rosemary, lavender, french beans and marigolds

l 2000mm x w 450mm x h 500mm

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