Timber shed with shelves and lockable double doors

Playground Shed

Our small playground storage shed is a really useful and very attractive shed made from larch and clad with waney edge larch. It has wide double doored access and deep shelves easily accessible and will store all sorts of play equipment.

The small playground storage shed is well ventilated under there eaves of the roof to give good air flow so damp times can be stored away after playtime and the double doors can be lockable if required.

Is this shed not big enough for your playground? We can make any size, just ask.

Product Code GD020

Good to know: Unlike other play equipment suppliers our buildings are constructed from kiln dried larch which is weather proof and the roof is made from waney plank timber which makes it completely waterproof. It can be placed on any surface in any position as long as it is level and firm, it does not have to be away from trees, bushes or foliage. It requires no annual treatment of the timber to maintain it’s durability.

This product is not available to buy online. If you are interested in purchasing this then please add it to your wish list and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery from placing the order.

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